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Ballyclare Primary School

P7 Spelling Bee 2018

19th Jan 2018

On Friday 19th January our school held the annual Spelling Bee competition between Ballyclare P.S., Fairview P.S. and. Mossley P.S.  There were a lot of very tricky words to spell in front of an audience of P7 pupils and all the boys and girls were fantastic!  

Could you spell words like feasibility, noncompliance, torrential, hyphenate or incredulous? The audience had a go at each word too on their whiteboards they brought with them from class. Well done to everyone who had a go!👍🏻

We also had 'anagram' and 'spot the mistake' team rounds to add to the excitement!

It was a very tight competition and the overall winners were Mossley so a big congratulations to them.

Thank you and well done to ALL the boys and girls who practised their spelling so eagerly to get onto the teams from each of the three schools.  A special well done goes to Isaac, Neeve, Grace and Hayley who represented our school so well!