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Ballyclare Primary School

April Character Training - Patience

1st Apr 2021

During the month of April we develop the character trait ‘patience’. There are many times in our lives when we are called upon to be patient and this can often be a struggle. Perhaps we are waiting for the birth of a baby, for news about someone who is ill, or the arrival of a special day for the family, like a wedding, birthday or baptism. Children too can struggle enormously ‘waiting’ for others. They become irritable and frustrated with themselves and indeed classmates. Some children may even resort to name calling, hitting others verbally or physically in their frustration. In school the staff will spend time helping the children to focus on how to become patient. They will talk to children about how impatience can lead to the alienation of others who may be ‘weaker’ than them.

It is therefore important to help children deal with their irritability. Patience is a virtue. It enables a person to look at others with respect and understanding. In the words of Jesus, ‘Love one another as Christ loves you’. 

Patience Booklet (3rd Sep 2017) Download
Patience Leaflet (2nd Apr 2017) Download