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Ballyclare Primary School

March Character Training - Forgiveness

2nd Mar 2021

During the month of March we focus on the character trait ‘forgiveness’. In our lives we are often wronged by others. We also have the capacity to do wrong. Our divine Saviour Jesus Christ gave us the greatest example of forgiveness. On his cross of suffering, he spoke about his persecutors saying “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.

In school we talk to children about the effects of name calling; hitting, kicking, bullying etc. Children are told about how unacceptable this type of behaviour is and the effects it has on victims. In the same way we teach victims to learn to forgive, otherwise the poor actions of others are allowed to fester in their minds and children are prevented from moving forward. We would be grateful if you would spend some time with your child, talking about forgiveness and how she/he would follow the example of Jesus forgiving others when they are wronged.