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Ballyclare Primary School

November Character Training - Friendship

2nd Nov 2020

During this month we develop the character trait ‘friendship’. During the first half term the children discussed the character traits of responsibility and respect. We aim to continue and develop the skills reflective of a responsible person and show how these could be mirrored into making new friends. In school, children’s relationships with their friends are vital. Making and maintaining friendships is important so that the children can feel happy and content during the school day.

In Ballyclare Primary School the character trait of friendship will be developed through each assembly and the children will learn the song “Count on me”. We aim to focus the children’s attention to the valuable friendships they have with other children and staff in our school and help them to realise that good friendships help our school to be a brighter place.

At home we would invite you to discuss with your child the issues included in the attached leaflet.

Friendship Leaflet (9th Nov 2016) Download
Friendship Leaflet (3rd Sep 2017) Download