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Ballyclare Primary School

October Character Training - Respect

1st Oct 2020

During the month of October we develop the character trait ‘respect’. In our lives we need to show respect for others. This may be at home, school, the community, work place and indeed our church. We all value those who show us respect in the workplace or at home.

Consequently, during this month of October we will be trying to illustrate personality traits that the children will require to become respectful young adults. During the month we will focus our attention on showing respect to others, at home and in school. This will be supplemented through assemblies, class teaching and song.

At Ballyclare Primary School we want to nurture the relationship between staff, pupil and parent for the well-being of everyone. We value very much your support at home, and invite you to discuss the issues in the respect leaflet attached.

October Respect Leaflet (9th Oct 2016) Download
Respect Booklet (3rd Sep 2017) Download