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Ballyclare Primary School

P7 Floating and Sinking experiments

6th Mar 2018

As part of our Titanic topic work we created a reconstruction of the Titanic from milk cartons to demonstrate how the bulkhead compartments filled with water one by one, causing Titanic to sink.

We then had a go at some floating and sinking experiments of our own. We worked in groups to predict and then test a variety of materials and items before recording our results. We learned about the properties of different materials and also about the density of water. We were surprised to find out that a Diet Coke can would float but a regular Coke can sinks due to its sugar content!

To finish off the lesson we each tried to make a ball of Play Dough float! We had to make the shape of a hull of a ship in order to ‘displace’ the water beneath it and remain afloat.

Great science investigation work today P7!