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Ballyclare Primary School

P7 Tree Maths

25th Sep 2018

To follow up on measuring work completed in Numeracy class this week, today we learned how to use a stick to help us measure the approximate height of a tree at the Six Mile Water Park in Ballyclare. We used a stick the same length as our arm (from fingertip to elbow) and then walked backwards from the tree until the top of the stick lined up with the top of the tree and the bottom of the stick lined up with its base. The we measured the distance to the tree using a trundle wheel and then added on our eye level height for added accuracy when calculating the tree height!

To calculate the age of the tree (without cutting it down and cutting the rings!) we first measured the circumference of its trunk using a measuring tape and then divided this number by two to get an approximate age.  As you can see from the photos, we had lots of fun doing ‘Tree Maths’ today!

Mr Gordon