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Ballyclare Primary School

P7s Learning about the history and science of communication at the park!

8th Nov 2018

As part of the P7 Victorian topic work we have been learning about inventions that happened during the Victorian Era....everything from the first petrol motor car, the invention of the lightbulb, the arrival of the postbox and even the wonderful creation of ice-cream!

We then focused on two types of communication...Morse code (1844) and the telephone (1876) at the park.  First we had a go at communicating using Morse code with a torch light to our classmates.  This was tricky to do but we have some experts in P7 this year who were super.  Then, after some discussion (and acting out!) about how sound travels, we had a go at creating our own phone using tin cans and string.  We had to listen carefully and keep the string tight to allow the sound to travel along the string.  There was lots of history and science covered today and the boys and girls (and staff) had great fun as you can see from the photographs...