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Ballyclare Primary School

Update of Extended Schools in 2020-21

Due to the restrictions placed during the Covid 19 pandemic, extended school activities in Ballyclare Primary School are currently PAUSED. We hope to have a full timetable up and running again when it is deemed safe to do so. We hope the activities will recommence in Term 1 of 2021-22 but we will make this decision based on the government guidance and information from the Department of Education.


Extended Schools Area

Ballyclare Primary School offers a wide range of after school activities. Here is a list of activities available over the course of our school year. Parents will receive a timetable each term to inform them of when each activity is occuring. This can also be downloaded from the School Newsletter section of our website.


Football runs throughout the school year. It provides opportunities for boys and girls from P4 to P7 to take part and learn new skills. We play football because it is fun, challenging and exciting. We have coaches who come into school and school staff who take the teams.
We take part in the Newtownabbey Primary Schools Football Association every year and play matches against other schools in the Ballyclare area. During our football practice we learn key skills in cooperation and team work. It helps use to improve on lots of attributes that we already have such as running, kicking, balance, agility and coordination. As a large variety of skills and physical abilities are required on a football team, there is a position for every child to play. Come along and have a go!

School Council and Eco Council

Our School Council comprises of class representatives from P4- P7. The council is elected and run by pupils with the support and guidance of a teacher. Through our School Council we develop skills in decision making and problem- solving. Councillors grow in confidence with the experiences School Council provides for them and they enjoy working with other pupils from different year groups. Our aim is to ensure that the views, opinions and ideas of our classmates are heard, listened to and acted upon where possible. We put any updates on what we are doing in the school bulletin. If you have any ideas you would like us to discuss, pop it in our suggestion box which can be found at our School Council notice board!

We were the first school in Newtownabbey to receive the Green Flag Award for our achievements as an Eco school. We are working hard as an Action Team, you can help us by:

1. Litter: we want to reduce litter in our school grounds. We want everyone to put their rubbish in the bin and help pick up any rubbish they see around our grounds. We hope to extend this into the community, so maybe you can get involved!

2. Waste: we are aware that we can waste a lot of things in our school. We are working hard to reduce our waste of paper. We are using scrap paper boxes, paper recycling boxes and reducing our use of paper during class by using computer technology when possible. We are also recycling ink cartridges, reusing clothing (through Bag to School) and composting food waste.

We hope you can get involved this year. We need to continue our great work each year if we want to be able to fly our flag proudly at the front of our school!


Digital Media Club

We could tell you a thing or two about digital technologies! Pop along on a Monday afternoon if you would like to join us. Each term we focus on a different area of Digital Media, so you can choose the topics that you are most interested in. We begin by creating a radio show - this involves doing interviews, choosing music and editing our sound files using Audacity. In the 2nd term we learn how to do Stop Motion Animation. This involves planning our animation using a storyboard, filming the animation and editing it on the computer and iPads. In the final term we learn how to do computer programming using Scratch. We learn how to create our own games and stories using this software. Come along if you would like to become a computer whizzkid!

Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders are an expert group of pupils who help their friends and teachers navigate the ever changing area of digital technology. They are trained by our Head of ICT to troubleshoot and fix technical issues so that they can play a vital role in supporting their class when using ICT. They learn new skills in a variety of apps and hardware and then have the opportunity to teach their peers. Each year, our Digital Leaders complete the Be Internet Legends programme, organised by ParentZone and Google. This trains them to be supportive and knowledgable in the area of digital citizenship and safety online. This is a vital role in ensuring their friends are up to date and informed about staying safe online. Our Digital Leaders are always piloting new ideas and implementing new technology in our classrooms. 

Tag Rugby

It’s FAST, It’s FUN and it’s for EVERYONE!!
Tag rugby club meet on a Thursday afternoon where we have up to 20 boys AND girls taking part in non-contact rugby activities focusing on the essential skills such as movement, spatial awareness and team building. The club is a great way to let off steam from the week at school and also an opportunity to get fit with your friends!
The key to the game is ENJOYMENT, with running and handling skills to the fore.
Parents have commented that they feel that playing rugby benefits their children through:

  • Camaraderie
  • Fitness
  • Discipline
  • Become a team player as opposed to individual achievements
  • Develop a sense of strategy by reading awareness of space and what might happen
  • Learning the value of good conduct, sportsmanship and respect for their fellow players
  • Learning to accept defeat



Hockey practice is held every Monday afternoon during terms 1 and 2 for both boys and girls. We enter the Ballyclare League where we play about five matches against other local schools. Our teams also competes in a few hockey tournaments. If you are in P5, P6 or P7 please come along and join us for some great fun and exercise!

BPS Bookworms

Do you love to have fun with words? Then B.P.S. Bookworms is the club for you. Come along on a Friday afternoon to discover a world of reading. You'll get the chance to play word games, listen to poems and find out about some favourite children's authors. You'll also get the chance to write your own poetry - it's easier than you think! 

Scripture Union

Our S.U. meets every Tuesday after school from 3-4pm in the Assembly Hall. All pupils from P4-P7 are welcome to come along and we usually have around 100 children each week. Our programme normally consists of Praise Time, Bible stories or talks, memory verses, quizzes and lots of fun and games along the way.

Art Club

Groups of P4 and P5 pupils meet to enjoy art and design activities. They learn new skills, use lots of different materials and use their imagination to create super art work. A club enjoyed by all.


Many of the staff in our school have experience and expertise who share their skills and enthusiasm for music on a daily basis with their classes.

After school there are opportunities to take part in choir and instrumental groups, which perform at a variety of events throughout the year. Peripatetic teachers teach a variety of brass, woodwind and stringed instruments, and a guitar teacher visits the school every Wednesday after school. Children are entered for Associated Board examinations every year.

At Christmas time we take part in carol singing at local venues, where residents enjoy our enthusiastic renderings of songs old and new. We have sung to children in Tomei Primary School in Japan, by video link. In recent years we have combined our drama and music skills to produce a Christmas musical, which we present in a local church. We have a wide range of musical opportunities for our pupils from Primary 4 upwards, including orchestra, guitar, choir and handbells.


All girls and boys in P6 and P7 are welcome to attend our Netball practice every Friday afternoon throughout the Autumn, Winter and Spring! We have lots of fun, learn new skills and compete against schools from throughout the Newtownabbey area. In fact, we have even been known to qualify for Northern Ireland level competitions! Most importantly, though, it’s a great way to finish off the school week enjoying ourselves and keeping fit! Come along and give it a try! 


In the after-schools needlecraft class we learn how to make basic embroidery stitches. We use these stitches to make a sampler and then move on to other craft projects.If you fancy trying your hand at some stitching, this is the club for you. 

Cycling Proficiency

Cycling Proficiency is fun and it gives you the skills and confidence to ride your bike on the road. The Cycling Proficiency course is offered to children in P7 during terms 2 and 3. It takes place in the playground over eight sessions after school. You will learn how to cycle safely on the road (including signalling and overtaking) and how to look after your bicycle. You will need a bicycle and a safety helmet. You will receive a certificate from the DOE Road Safety Education team for completing the course. So, let’s get on your bike!